• Eka Pradana
  • Mohamad Amin HD
  • Wahyu Widji Pamungkas


Abstract. In the era of information technology that is growing rapidly and is now sophisticated, we can deal with fires quickly. So, we need a system that is good and fastl. The system can be a fire suppression system provided by the fire department or an individual. For individual fire extinguishing systems, there have been a number of forms of equipment made based on research results. This study aims to design a fire detection device using fire sensors and smoke or gas sensors, and sprinklers which can detect fires early. The system design starts from a series of fire sensors, smoke or gas sensors, sprinklers, Arduino Uno microcontroller system controllers, lcd display as a condition notification and buzzer as an alarm as an indicator of the presence of gas or fire in this prototype. This prototype was created as a fire scenario and handled as early as possible. The purpose of this research is to design and implement a prototype fire suppression system design. The aim of this research is to produce an Arduino Uno-based fire suppression system at prototype scale. The scope of this research includes making this prototype used in a house in a residental area. The object of research on the development of a prototype house fire detection and control system is a fire and gas sensor which includes system functions: 1.detecting smoke or smelly gas, detection, 3. describing the scope of work of system, which is only limited to Arduino Uno-based prototype that uses fire and smelly gas. The methods used in this research include : 1.literature study, 2.preperation of data collection instruments, collection, processing and analysis, 5.system prototype development. The results of the prototype research show that the designed fire detector can detect fire and smoke or gas that is input. The prototype has a water pump that will take water and spray water directly if there is a fire, and has a small fan that will spin to blow air to remove gas or smelly smoke. Keywords: prototype, fire suppression system, preperation of data collection instruments