Analisis Faktor-Faktor yang Mempengaruhi Kualitas Layanan PT KAI Daerah Operasional Jabodetabek

Eko Sarjono Putro


The research objectives were to describe the relationship among scientific constructs realated
to management of railways transportation. Necessarily, the reasearch studied the effects of
corresponding variabels on the improvement of service quality of PT KAI Jabotabek Operational
The research population was the performance of PT KAI as perceived by the employees. To
determine the sample this research used technique of proportionate stratistified random sampling and
got 240 people functioned as respondents. The research method used descriptive and hypothesis
testing. The reseach activities began with collecting data, data tabulations, data analysis, hypothesis
testing, discussion of findings, and made conclusions asa well as suggestions.
The findings of the reaserach concluded that there were direct and indirect effects from
variables of regulation, infrastructure, time, financing, human resources, comfort and safety, on the
the improvement of service quality.
It was recommended that the government and PT KAI Jabotabek Operational Region
conduct programs to improve the service quality through building high competence of human
resources, infra structure, quality of comfort and safety, funding availability, speed and timeliness, as
well as policies and regulations.

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