Hubungan Pelanggan dan Model Bisnis Berbasis Pelanggan (Customer Relationship And Customer-Based Business Model)

Hartono Hartono


Organizations exist to provide value to some client or customer group. But many strategists
confuse their experience and their customers’ experience, and too few focus on customers as the
basis of their strategy. Without a strong customer connection, strategists are at risk of developing
organizational competencies that have little or no market value. Strategists with a strong customer
orientation also focus on employees. They consider the resources and activities that help
employees understand changing desires of current customers and assess whether they might
profitably serve new customers. This study try to answer about: What is the customer relationship
increasingly critical? What are the guidelines for a customer-based business model ? and How do
companies gather data to identify and understand their customers? Smart companies have
always paid attention to their customers’ buyinrg decisions as one important indication of needs
and trends. New technology is allowing not just more detailed tracking, but new ways of directly
interacting with customers at the point of purchase. As a strategist, you must remember your own
customer experiences, but not rely on them. Customer needs tend to vary widely across various
segments or groupings. Understanding and mapping varied customer experience allows the
strategist to provide organizational products and services at various points in this process. As a
general rule, the most important way to stay in touch with customers is to engage them as they
experience your product or service. Smart strategists tend to ask their customer questions. They
track their behavior in detail. They engage customers and set up situations in which customers are
willing to coproduce products, services, and experiences that they then pay for. This is information
that fuels innovationand entrepreneurial response.
Keys words: customer experience and customer relationship

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