Analisis Kelayakan Investasi Bisnis Jasa Pengiriman Barang Ditinjau dari Aspek keuangan ( Studi Kasus PADA CV. WAHANA)

Liestyowati Liestyowati


Every company in running the business purpose, both short-term goals and long term. Short-
term goals to be achieved by the company is the achievement of profit or benefit that the continuous
availability of the funds to be able to operate day-to-day. While the long-term goals to be achieved
is to ensure the company's survival and development in the future. The success of a company to
achieve the goals set by the company's ability in managing its resources and investment to support
in terms of setting up a business.

Investment of course requires substantial funds in its implementation, and the expenditure of funds /
capital will affect the company's short-term. Disbursing substantial funds and bound in quite a long
time in an investment activity makes the investors must be careful not already invested in
businesses that were not profitable in the future since 2011 with offices in Kota Harapan Indah
Bekasi. The authors are interested in doing research disebabkaan due to declining sales turnover in
recent months since Indonesia's economic decline and the rupiah weakened. That it have an impact
on sales that occurred.

In this case CV.Wahana is one of the businesses that make investments in businesses shipping
goods to the rest of Indonesia, which has been operating at. Rides. This has caused some questions
for the author and want to do research that will be tested empirically, to answer questions about
the still Eligible CV. A vehicle for conducting business. The research will be carried out by using
Payback Period, Net Present Value, Profitability Index and Internal Rate of Return. We hope this
research will help Chief CV. Vehicle to be able to take investment decisions on ongoing efforts and
or there is the possibility of investing in other, more profitable businesses.

Based on the analysis that this business during the period of 2 years business has a Net Present
Value (NPV) of Rp. 1,274,057,725, which means NPV> 0 thus a good business to run. From the
calculation found that the B / C worth 1:25 (meaning 1:25> 1) investments in good business to run.
From the calculations, the IRR (Internal Rate of Return (IRR) = 42.99%, it is stated that investing
in a good business to run because the value of IRR> interest required Bank (18%). From the
calculation of ROI in 2013 was 27.18% and year 2014 was 18:44% is above the Bank's interest, so
the investment in this business feasible.

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