Pengaruh Kompensasi terhadap Kinerja Karyawan Bagian Produksi pada PT. Kapuk Molek Jakarta

Herudini Subariyanti, Andri Rizko Yulianto, dan Agus Setiawan


As it is known that the current economic development in Indonesia is very rapid and can be se

en from the competition in an increasingly tight economy. Then a company must improve the performance of its employees by increasing compensation. To find out how much influence compensation on employee performance, the authors conducted research on PT Kapuk Molek Jakarta . The author uses statistical calculations of correlation coefficient, coefficient of determination, regression equation, and hypothesis testing. Based on if the data obtained can be concluded that the correlation coefficient of 0.687 and coefficient of determination of 47.1% is the influence between the compensation variable on employee performance at PT Karunia Rahmat Inti Sejahtera, while the remaining amount (100% -47.1% = 52.9% ) Is explained by other factors. Regression equation Y = 46,562 + 0,227X means if the compensation is increased 1 (one) then the performance increased by 0.277 at constant 46,562. Hypothesis test based on calculation of significance test obtained tcount value of 7,193 and ttable value for α 5% equal to 2,002 mean that tcount>ttable then Ho indicate no relation between compensation and performance rejected and Ha which states the relationship between compensation and performance Accepted, then it can be stated that there is influence compensation on employee performance at PT Kapuk Molek Jakarta.


Keywords: Compensation, Performance

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