Tinjauan Penerapan Disiplin Kerja terhadap Pembangunan Infrastruktur pada Pemasangan Girder pada Tol Bocimi


  • Jeffry H. Sinaulan dan Meirinaldi




In order to create qualified human resources (HR) quality is very much needed once the application of high work discipline. Therefore, an organization (company) must create high work discipline in order to achieve company goals. Because discipline in a job is very important for a company, then without this high work discipline there will be no concerted joint effort in achieving common goals. The existence of work discipline within the company will make employees can perform tasks assigned to him well. Employees who are disciplined and obedient to the rules or norms applicable in the company can improve productivity and performance of employees concerned. This study aims to find out how the application of discipline in rangk a improve employee performance in order to get the maximum quality of work. Employee discipline is a must. The method used in this study is normative or library research, this is a study that examines the study documents, namely using various secondary data such as legislation and other policies. Keyword : discipline in work is very important


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