Indonesia dan Rivalitas Amerika Serikat dengan China di Kawasan Asia Pasific

Sutrisno Sutrisno, Meirinaldi Meirinaldi


The aims of the article to analysis and  know, how the Indonesian position between the rivalry The United State of America and  China in the Asian Pasific region. The result of this analysis of this topic article that is competion to spheres of influence to the hegemony in the Asian Pacific Region between The United State of America and China. Impact of the rivalry two the countries had been  rise of the escalation tension between The United of The America and China, also the trade war between The United State of America and China since the end of year 2018 have been rise the escalation tension two countries until now.   

While of the same development the military instalations, the placement of Airborne  and the Developed the reclamations island  and to claim of Air Defence Identification Zone (ADIZ) in the Sinkoku island in East China Sea, and China  claim “nine dash line zone” wich rich of Fisheries and Natural Gas Deposit.  And China claims as the “Traditional Chinese Fishing Ground”, the China claim in the Paracel and Spritlay continent in the South China Sea. Maritime  conflict has draffie four ASEAN Countries, maritime conflict (Philipina, Thailand, Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia), Vietnam, Brunei, China, Taiwan and Indonesia at same time.

The China relation with Indonesia to appear conflict particularly fishing rights and natural resources operations and dispute area in the Zone Ecconomic Exclusive (ZEE) in the North Natuna Sea. Among all claims, China persistently plays aggressive behavior by looking at the reclamation for military base camp. The United State has taken larger interest in the region of the South China Sea to freedom of navigation around dispute area while at same time deploying military presence that irritates China as the most aggressive party involving the South China Sea. The United State has taken larger interest in the region to claim of international navigation of the sea  to freedom navigation in the international sea transportation in the South China Sea.

The China claimed Nine Dash Line and Traditional Chinese Fishing Ground in the North Natuna Sea, Indonesia officially have sent diplomatic protes to China officially note        over incident , the January 2020 several Chinese Fishing boats in its 200-mile Exclusive Economic Zone (ZEE) off the North Natuna Sea.  The incident at the North Natuna Sea between Indonesia and China  the end not phisical conflict.                  

Keywords: The USA,  China, The South China Sea, The Republic of Indonesia, Nine Dash Line,Traditonal Fishing Ground, Exclusive Economic Zone (ZEE) .

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