Pengaruh Kualitas Pelayanan Terhadap Kepuasan Pasien Pada Salah Satu Klinik Di Jakarta

Herudini Subariyanti


With the increasing standard of living then also increase the public demand of quality healthcare. Increasing the number of patients in a health authority is an important aspect to be done through the provision of optimum service. Because the optimum service can give satisfaction to the patient.

Quality of service is realized through the fulfillment of customer needs and desires as well as the accuracy of delivery in order to compensate or exceed customer expectations. The main factors affecting the quality of service are the two expected service (service expected customers) and perceived service (perception of the service). Customer Satisfaction is the level of a person's feelings after comparing the performance (or outcome) he perceives as compared to his expectations.

Calculation of coefficient of determination between product quality to sales obtained result of KD=0,193 or 19,3%. Where 19.3% is the percentage of influence between the quality of service to patient satisfaction, which means patient satisfaction is influenced by the amount of service quality of 19.3% and the rest influenced by other factors by 80.7%. The regression equation is Y = 17,391 + 0,210X where 17,391 stated that if service quality=0, then the patient satisfaction is 17,391 unit. And 0.210 states that each addition of 1 unit of service quality will increase the satisfaction of 0.210 units.

This shows the quality of service significantly affect patient satisfaction at the Clinic GETHealthy Citra 6 Jakarta.


Keywords: Quality of Service, Customer Satisfaction

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