Masnilam Hasibuan


This study aims to determine how the effect of product differentiation on consumer
satisfaction at OLOAN BOUTIQUE PADANGSIDIMPUAN. This type of research is
quantitative research. The data used in this study are primary and secondary data. The
sample of this research is consumers who shop at OLOAN BOUTIQUE
PADANGSIDIMPUAN, totaling 15 people. Data collection techniques used are interviews
and questionnaires or questionnaires.
Product differentiation is the difference between one product and another. Consumer
satisfaction is the level of a person's feelings after comparing the performance (results) he
feels compared to his expectations.
Based on the title above, data processing in this study uses the Simple Linear Regression
Analysis method, and then hypothesis testing is carried out using t-test and Coefficient of
Determination testing. To test the hypothesis using a t-test with a value of = 0.440. So, from
the results of the study obtained the value of tcount = 4.605 and ttable = 2.14479 so that
tcount > ttable. Thus, Ho is accepted. Based on the results of the study, it can be concluded
that there is an effect of product differentiation on consumer satisfaction at OLOAN
BOUTIQUE PADANGSIDIMPUAN. Product Differentiation variable can affect the
Consumer Satisfaction variable as much as 41.8%, while the remaining 58.2% is explained
by other variables not examined by this study.

Keywords: Product Differentiation and Consumer Satisfaction

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