Analisis Kepuasan Pelanggan Dengan Metode Importance Performance Analysis Dalam Rangka Meningkatkan Pendapatan Di Agen Distributor Tepung Terigu Wilayah Bekasi Utara (Studi Kasus Di Agen Lestari)

Wahyu Inggar Fipiana, Vivi Lusia, Mohamad Dimas Handoko


Agent Lestari in North Bekasi is one of the service providers for wheat flour distributors in
the North Bekasi area. At this time, measuring customer satisfaction is still managed manually by
using a questionnaire which is also called VOC (Voice of Customer). One of the methods that can
be used to measure customer satisfaction is the servqual method. This method makes a
comprehensive assessment of customer satisfaction for services in the service sector. Assessment
is carried out on 5 dimensions of service quality, namely: Reliability or reliability,
Responsiveness or responsiveness, Assurance or assurance, Empathy or attention, Tangibles or
physical evidence. Data were obtained from distributing questionnaires to 30 customers of Agen
Lestari North Bekasi as respondents using simple random sampling technique. This study
obtained a number of 31 attributes of customer needs. Customer data is classified into 8
attributes on the reliability aspect, 5 attributes on the responsiveness aspect, 5 on the assurance
attribute, 5 on the empathy dimension, and 8 on the tangibility dimension. Even though the
services provided are not fully as expected, the services of the Lestari Cipinang Agent are good
enough and need to be improved. Customer dissatisfaction arises because of the gap between
customer expectations and the reality of perceived performance.
Keywords: Quality of Service, Servqual.

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